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Learn about Duncan Ross and his inspiring work. Meet the Kimera Labs team.

This was an interview with Colombian journalist Yamid Amad where Dr. Ross briefly explains how stem cells is the new alternative medicine.

  • COPD-RI 60%
  • Burn Injury 30%
  • Multiple Sclerosis 20%
  • Spinal Cord Injury 20%
  • Autism 20%

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Duncan Ross Ph.D

Duncan Ross Ph.D


After watching his father suffer through unsuccessful treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Duncan Ross received his Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Miami in the lab of Professor Robert Levy Ph.D. in the study of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for hematologic disorders and the suppression of graft vs. host disease. Dr. Ross investigated various methods of immune suppression, from regulatory T cells to post transplant cyclophosphamide in collaboration with the Leo Luznik transplant lab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, a collaboration from which multiple publications in the peer-reviewed journals Blood and the Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 1,2 resulted. Duncan’s interest in the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for immune suppression stemmed from this work and the work of others in the use of MSC to treat GVHD. Kimera Labs is now focused on the use of MSC for the suppression of various immune mediated pathologies and regenerative medicine in the US, Latin America, and the Bahamas.


Dear Patients, Physicians, and fellow Scientists,

Over 12 years ago my father and I were faced with an almost impossible decision. The chemotherapy we were using to treat his leukemia was no longer functional, and we were forced to choose an immunological approach, bone marrow stem cell transplantation (BMT), for which the rate of survival was 50%. We hesitated for so long that when we finally decided on BMT he was no longer eligible. Two years before his death, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the prestigious University of Miami and today I am still trying to control disease using immunological approaches. One of those approaches used in BMT is the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to control rejection. I have been published in a number of journals for BMT and now I would like to bring this same academic approach to the clinic in what is largely an unregulated segment of medicine today: the Stem Cell Clinic.

Through partnerships with US Physicians and International Kimera Clinics, I would like to bring a tailored immunological approach to my patients, treating them using physicians that have the appropriate expertise in surgical techniques or follow-up, in order to PROVE, using real data, that our stem cell techniques work.

Contrary to many of the treatment centers in business today, we do not “guess” as to what should be done to our patients, or point to publications by others. We are only interested in benefits we can show in the laboratory. Another clinic may offer nebulization of stem cells with no scientific back up  besides the fact that it “sounds” appropriate, while we will show you that the cells are destroyed. This is just one in a myriad of decisions that require a trained scientific team to evaluate.

We know you have choices when scouring the internet, and beautiful marketing web sites exist, but I was in your position once when evaluating cancer treatments, and there really is no way for the average patient to evaluate these claims. I only ask that you look for the peer-reviewed publications, and then make a decision.

Then, let us help you with your treatment decision.


Duncan Ross
Ph.D. Immunology – University of Miami



Sara Watson

Sara Watson

U.S Patient Coordinator


US Phone: 305.454.STEM (7836)

Nancy Oliveros

South American Patient Coordinator


US Phone: 305.454.STEM

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